There are many different types of dehumidifiers, how to choose the best dehumidifier?

In rainy summer, the air is always damp, and even water appears on the walls. A humid environment can easily cause items or some food to become damp and moldy, which is not conducive to people's living and affects their physical and mental health.

To solve air humidity, people have taken many dehumidification measures, including using dehumidification boxes and bags for dehumidification, turning on air conditioning for dehumidification, and so on. Why choose a dehumidifier for dehumidification when you already have these dehumidification methods?


Dehumidification box

Dehumidification box is a desiccant used for dehumidification of rooms, cabinets, etc. It is widely used for moisture-proof and dehumidification in daily life. Especially in the south, where the air is humid, using a dehumidification box can effectively keep the room dry, reduce moisture in the air, and achieve the effects of mold prevention and dehumidification.

Dehumidification boxes do have a dehumidifying effect, but they are more targeted at small spaces such as drawers and cabinets. For large spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms, they are almost useless because dehumidification boxes have less dehumidification capacity.

The dehumidification principle of dehumidification boxes and bags is basically similar, using different absorbent materials to adsorb moisture in the air and reduce humidity. But for the southern regions with consistently high relative humidity, it is almost a drop in the bucket.


For large spaces, air conditioning is indeed a way to reduce room humidity, as in addition to cooling and heating, there are also dehumidification modes. However, in reality, the dehumidification capacity of air conditioning is also very small and the dehumidification effect is slow.

The dehumidification effect of air conditioning is attached to the refrigeration mode. The temperature of humid air will significantly decrease after passing through the evaporator of the air conditioner, causing the air humidity to be in a supersaturated state. Excess water vapor will precipitate in the form of condensate, achieving dehumidification. When returning to the south from the south, the indoor temperature is cold. If cold air dehumidification is used, the air conditioning does not have a humidity sensor, and dehumidification will not stop until the set temperature is reached. This not only consumes electricity but also harms human health.


Various facts tell us that dehumidifiers are the best choice, after all, they are professional dehumidification equipment. Dehumidifiers generally have a constant humidity setting, and once the dehumidification reaches a certain level, it will keep the air humidity constant.

Using a dehumidifier for dehumidification, the location can also be unrestricted. Dehumidification boxes can only be placed in small spaces such as wardrobes, and fixed air conditioners can only achieve partial dehumidification in small areas. Dehumidifiers can be used for dehumidification in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, storage rooms, production rooms, etc. They can be placed wherever it is damp.

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