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Taking science and technology as the first productive force and science and technology as the people-oriented business philosophy, we are committed to creating a better living environment with better science and technology.

Ansiman's original air dehumidification and purification technology enjoys a worldwide reputation. The professional quality makes Ansiman a brand with many qualifications of international authoritative organizations in the field of air dehumidification and purification. Ansiman brand adheres to the core value concept of "safety, comfort and reassurance", focuses on research and development, refinement and technology, and is better than service. Its main products include mobile air conditioners, fresh air purification dehumidifier systems, household dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers, constant temperature and humidity systems, energy-saving drying equipment and other products, which are applicable to household, commercial and industrial fields, significantly improving the production and living environment, and has won unanimous recognition from customers.

core technology
  • International quality, high-quality parts
    Key components such as international famous brand fully enclosed scroll compressor and improved heat exchanger are used, which have long service life, high efficiency and low power consumption
  • Multiple anti-corrosion and long service life
    Anti corrosion coating shall be applied. The pool water condenser shall be made of copper nickel alloy to effectively prevent corrosion. All key components of the unit (such as compressor, electric control system, etc.) shall be installed in the main engine section that is relatively independent of the ventilation system, so as to protect the key components from chlorine air corrosion and prolong the service life of the unit.
  • Multiple noise reduction measures, quiet and comfortable
    Double layer high-density composite board and multiple sealing structure design have excellent sound insulation performance. Vibration isolation springs or rubber are provided at the bottom of vibration parts such as compressors and fans, effectively reducing unit noise
  • Stable and reliable operation
    Multiple refrigeration cycle systems are adopted. Each refrigeration cycle system can operate independently. It can be started step by step according to different loads to achieve the purpose of energy regulation; The refrigeration circulation system adopts independent oil circuit design, which does not interfere with each other during operation, so as to ensure the stable operation of the unit.
  • International quality, high-quality parts

  • Multiple anti-corrosion and long service life

  • Multiple noise reduction measures, quiet and comfortable

  • Stable and reliable operation

  • ISO9001 Quality System Certification

  • AAA Credit System Certification

  • National Patent Certificate

  • Small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises

  • China recognized international mutual recognition test


Ansiman has set up more offices throughout the country to launch the marketization strategy. At present, there are more than 100 agent customers. In order to achieve the strategic goal of the enterprise, Ansiman will continue to create social value and high-level profits in the three major aspects of market, brand and service.


Ansiman's rotary dehumidifier has become the mainstream product in the international dehumidifier industry, reducing the humidity to 0.2%. To lay an environmental foundation for international special material research and development, space exploration, clean energy production, and nuclear technology development.


Ansiman pioneered the third generation technology of the most advanced rotary dehumidifier in China, attracting the attention of peers and leading them for 20 years.


Ansiman has introduced magnetic field technology in the field of air dehumidification, which is energy free, faster and stronger purification technology. It has been leading the industry for 20 years and has become the top technology.


In the field of product service, the product quality standards of Ansiman Group are all upgraded. The highest European standards are adopted, and the after-sale service life is established. The product quality standards adopt the requirements of the combination of European and American standards. Once again, because of the high-end, the concept and pursuit of extraordinary quality.


Ansiman Group has become a major supplier of core materials in the home furnishing industry, and a core material supplier in air dehumidification MPAE technology, quantum dust removal technology, compression dehumidification technology, and electronic dehumidification technology, and won the National High tech Enterprise Award.


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