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Equipment consulting and consulting

The technical engineer who has passed strict examination and certification will give a comprehensive and professional answer to the design unit on the principle, function, technology and other knowledge of the equipment.

R&D support

The strategic development goal of R&D and production of products suitable for the market needs is to adhere to the development and application of temperature and humidity control, and the technology development is mainly independent research and development.

Dealer service
On site investigation

According to the needs, professional technical engineers can be arranged to assist in on-site investigation, cooperate with the deepening of equipment schemes, meet the actual needs of the project to the greatest extent, reduce energy consumption, and save costs.

Guide installation

Based on the project site conditions, develop a high-quality installation guidance plan, provide free installation guidance for equipment with installation conditions, ensure normal debugging of the equipment in the later stage, and achieve stable operation.

Debugging and quality assurance services

For the installed equipment, professional technical engineers from Baolan will complete the equipment debugging work and provide high-quality and free online and offline after-sales service during the warranty period.

Technical training

Provide scientific and comprehensive training materials based on product characteristics, and provide targeted product knowledge training.

Owner Services
Design and planning of dehumidification environment

Provide the Owner with scientific design and planning suggestions according to the environmental conditions of dehumidification and the later operation requirements.

Product training

Provide free product knowledge popularization and after-sales training for daily operation and maintenance personnel of equipment based on the manufacturer's experience.

Energy saving transformation and equipment upgrading and replacement

Survey the project site free of charge and quickly make targeted energy-saving transformation plans to replace and upgrade the equipment that has reached the service life, so as to meet the actual needs of the construction unit to the greatest extent.

Equipment upgrading Smart Internet of Things

The smart Internet of Things technology that Ansiman has already possessed can upgrade and transform the smart Internet of Things of equipment, which can reduce the operation and maintenance cost of equipment while improving the energy saving and operation convenience of equipment.

24H service hotline

Establishment 7 × The 24H service hotline, adhering to the concept of "customer first, sustainable service", takes into account the all-round needs of users to ensure the stable operation of equipment.

Service commitment
Customer centricity

For Ansiman, it is not only a slogan, but also a way of thinking integrated into the work of each employee of Ansiman. We really stand on the customer's point of view, think about what the customer thinks, be anxious about what the customer thinks, serve the customer with technology, convince people with virtue, provide owners and partners with more high-quality products and services with professional technology and thoughtful attitude, create more value, and create a better life. We are always waiting for your call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide users with repair and consulting services. Two years of super long free warranty, quality assurance, to solve users' worries.

Free after-sales service guarantee

Free door-to-door service and installation guidance

Free maintenance during the warranty period

Free training, operation and use

Free training, maintenance and upkeep

After sales service center service hotline:

+86 13530816469

+86 13530816469

After sales repair process
1. Repair filing

The repair personnel shall state the fault, code the equipment, and provide solutions

2. Professional response

Professional after-sales video guidance to solve simple faults and quick guidance to solve complex faults

3. Arrange door-to-door visit

After the professional after-sales engineer has preliminary understanding of the fault, the general problem shall be solved within 24 hours

4. On site solution

On site visual troubleshooting, and training customers on solutions to common problems

5. After sales follow-up

The customer service center shall pay a return visit to the satisfaction of each fault reported to ensure the service quality

6. Record and archive

The after-sales service center shall establish a lifelong file for each ex factory equipment to ensure operation and sustainable service


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