What type of tea dehumidifier is used for spreading green tea

Chinese people pay attention to the word "taste" when drinking tea. The etiquette of brewing and serving tea is essential when guests arrive. When guests come to visit, they can seek advice and choose the best tea set that suits their taste and hospitality. Tea can be said to be a long-standing traditional culture in our country.

Tea tasting requires attention, and the quality of tea is very important. Therefore, the picking and processing of tea are crucial.

In the Book of Tea, the third creation, it is said: "On a day when there is rain, do not pick it; on a day when there is clear clouds, do not pick it; on a day when there is clear, pick it, steam it, mash it, bake it, pierce it, seal it, and make the tea dry." It can be seen that on the day of tea picking, there is rain that cannot be picked, because it is difficult to distinguish the quality of tea leaves not only under the rain. In fact, if it rained yesterday and it was sunny today, then today's tea is usually not very good; Today is sunny, tomorrow is rainy, which is not conducive to the processing and storage of harvested tea.


Everyone knows that tea is stir fried, but many people do not know that tea actually requires many processes, generally including picking, selecting, spreading, killing, rolling, drying, etc., before it becomes our common tea. For Pu Qing, although it may seem simple, poor handling can directly affect the quality of tea. Pu Qing, in other words, means removing moisture from the tea leaves. Generally, freshly picked tea leaves are evenly spread in a cool and ventilated area to allow them to naturally emit moisture. If stir fried with water, it will turn the color of the tea red and destroy the nutritional elements in the tea, which will decrease the quality of the tea and also affect its taste.

There are hundreds of modern famous teas in China, and there are also many regions where tea is produced. In the southern region, there is a lot of rainy weather, often with continuous cloudy and rainy days, and tea grows quickly, resulting in a short time for tea picking. The time of tea picking is a very important indicator of tea quality and the economic benefits of tea farmers. If the picking is extended for a few days, the tea will grow very large, which does not meet the requirements of tender tea tips, and the economic benefits will decrease by several times or even more than ten times. If tea leaves are picked for the sake of profit on rainy days, there will be too much rainwater on the tea leaves, and the time for spreading green will be several times longer than usual. Moreover, tea spreading can only be done indoors; Due to the influence of rainy weather, the indoor air humidity is high, and the accumulation of fresh leaves is prone to fermentation, resulting in significant changes in the quality of tea and unable to maintain its original flavor.

After tea picking, it is necessary to immediately spread the green tea. If it encounters cloudy and rainy days, it may take longer, which is very detrimental to both the enterprise and the tea products. Therefore, shortening the spread time has become a crucial thing. Some tea farmers accelerate drying by using high-power fans, enhancing airflow, and other methods, but this effect is not ideal and only increases costs.

Nowadays, more and more tea farmers only need to use dehumidifiers in the spreading room and set relevant parameters to quickly evaporate the moisture in the tea leaves. This not only greatly accelerates the spreading speed, greatly reduces the spreading time, but also improves the efficiency of the finished product. The tea stir fried in this way is very fresh and not afraid of scorching or damage during the drying process.


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