Ansmen dehumidifier solution: Control humidity, dehumidification and purification project in medical drug packaging workshop

The pharmaceutical packaging workshop has extremely strict requirements for environmental humidity. The temperature and humidity of the purification project in the packaging workshop should comply with the drug production process. The temperature: 20-23 ° C (summer) for grades 100 and 10000, 24-26 ° C for grades 100000 and 300000, and 26-27 ° C for general areas. Class 100 and 10000 belong to sterile rooms. Relative humidity: easily hygroscopic drugs 45-50% (summer), solid preparations such as tablets 50-55%, water needles and oral liquids 55-65%.

So the humidity control in the pharmaceutical packaging workshop is very important. The technical personnel of Anshiman dehumidifier manufacturer can choose a suitable dehumidifier for customers based on the room volume and temperature and humidity.

Anshiman rotary dehumidifier can improve the environmental humidity of pharmaceutical packaging workshops, achieve the required humidity range, and increase production efficiency


Characteristics of Anshiman rotary dehumidifier

◆. The overall structure of the machine is made of high-strength SPCC sheet metal, sprayed with anti-corrosion paint, with strong impact resistance and corrosion resistance

◆. The dehumidification wheel adopts PROFLUTE high-efficiency silicone wheel imported from Sweden, focusing on low humidity application control

◆ Equipped with overcurrent and overload protection devices, can set (remote) alarm signals, has regenerative high temperature protection function, and has a longer service life

After the rotary dehumidifier stops running, the regeneration heater has a delay protection function

◆. Unique patented fully intelligent LCD touch screen with humidity control, fault alarm, regeneration temperature adjustment, one click fault recovery and other functions, easy to operate

◆. The control screen of the rotary dehumidifier can be moved out for remote control, and it has RS485 communication integrated control function, which can achieve remote monitoring and control

The external air duct interface of the rotary dehumidifier adopts an international standard interface method, which is easy to install and connect, and the installation is simple and convenient

◆. Regenerative electric heating has a unique voltage stabilizing controller, which can unload continuously and reduce operating load

◆. The wheel dehumidifier can operate normally in ambient temperatures ranging from -20 ℃ to+60 ℃




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