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Do we have to use dehumidifiers to protect our homes from moisture?

Moisture and dehumidification at home can be carried out in different ways according to the humidity at home. Some places are not very humid, and some simple methods can deal with it. Only when the humidity is very high, you need to use a dehumidifier for fast and effective dehumidification.

According to the degree of humidity, the following methods are recommended:

Grade I: door closing window

Close the doors and windows tightly

Especially the windows facing south and southeast

Open the doors and windows when the north wind blows

Grade II: laying waste newspapers

Lay newspapers on the floor, tables and other places prone to moisture

More than two layers shall be laid in places easy to get wet

Grade III: Desiccant or activated carbon

The moisture absorption box, dehumidification bag, etc

Put it in the wardrobe and wall corner to absorb water vapor

Grade IV: Aromatic candle dehumidification

Candle lighting can play a role in reducing the indoor air humidity, because when the candle burns, the water vapor cannot condense, so as to reduce the indoor humidity

In the bedroom or living room where the floor is paved, light the fragrance, save energy, effectively dry the air, and remove the musty smell in the room

Grade V: Air conditioner "dehumidification" mode

The air conditioners in normal homes have dehumidification mode. If there are no other dehumidification equipment in the home, you can adjust the air conditioner to the "dehumidification" mode


However, the above measures have little effect in large areas of the whole house in wet seasons such as the rainy season and the rainy season. At this time, the only effective way for large-scale dehumidification is to close doors and windows+dehumidifier


The household dehumidifier is a dehumidifier for household living environment. It can keep the relative appropriate humidity of the space, so that the articles and household articles that are easy to be affected with damp will not be affected with damp and mildew, and the electrical appliances and books that require high humidity can be produced and stored within the required humidity range. At the same time, the indoor humidity is reduced, the bacteria breeding is reduced, and the human body will be in a relatively comfortable state, which can reduce the occurrence of rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, tracheitis, asthma and other diseases.

Ansiman household dehumidifier series provides professional humidity control solutions for families. With one button dehumidification, energy saving and efficient, and soft tone protection, it creates a healthy and comfortable living environment for families, and is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, study, baby rooms and other occasions.


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