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How to effectively dehumidify the environment for storing spices

There are approximately 1500 natural plant spices, of which 200 are commonly used; Due to environmental and safety factors, animal spices are rarely or not used. Essence can be found everywhere, not to mention mosquito repellent incense and Buddhist incense. In fact, Sichuan pepper, Sichuan pepper, and star anise cinnamon are also seasonings when cooking, and they are single seasonings, but their functions are different from those mentioned earlier. The spices mentioned here mainly include Buddhist incense and other spices.


The above spices can calm people and reduce fatigue. So there are still many people making spices. Proportional abrasives have no problem with the production of spices. The main problem is being afraid of moisture, as the spices are too dry. After grinding, it is easier to absorb water, and the precision of the fragrance is not high. The pores between the powders are larger, so they are more susceptible to moisture. Spices will become moldy after being damp, greatly reducing the effectiveness of incense. So the production and storage of spices need to be well moisture-proof.

To prevent seasoning from getting damp and dehumidified during production and storage, a dehumidifier must be used. The dehumidifier produced by Anshiman Electric adopts frozen dehumidification technology, which has fast dehumidification speed, safety and reliability, and advanced processing technology and materials; The microcomputer controls the entire process of dehumidification, ensuring that the entire dehumidification process of the dehumidifier is in an efficient operating state for a long time, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Using an air circulator to ensure constant indoor air humidity. To ensure reliable, practical, convenient, and intelligent product performance. Can be used for seasoning production and storage to prevent moisture


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