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The importance requirements for selecting constant temperature dehumidifiers in the medical industry

Appropriate environmental temperature and humidity are crucial for the normal operation of medical equipment, the technical level of operators, and the physical and mental health of patients. Appropriate temperature and humidity are closely related to human health. Similarly, for highly precise medical equipment, temperature and humidity can directly affect the performance of the equipment, so specialized dehumidifiers for medical devices are needed.


Therefore, it is very important to control temperature and humidity correctly and reasonably, and create a good medical environment for medical services and medical devices. The medical environment is different from home, office, production, and other environments. Some places may have stricter requirements for temperature and humidity. Industrial dehumidifiers can effectively strengthen the temperature and humidity control of various departments in hospitals, which is conducive to the normal use of various medical devices, reduces the hospital infection rate, ensures drug efficacy, and greatly improves medical quality.

If the humidity is too high, it is easy to cause the instrument to become damp, causing a short circuit in the instrument, greatly affecting the hospital's detection of the patient's condition. The dehumidifier should be placed in a place with medical equipment, which can easily and effectively reduce humidity, ensuring that the equipment is not affected by moisture interference!

Due to the different temperature and humidity requirements for dehumidification in the pharmaceutical industry, the temperature and humidity of the ground environment are also different; In special circumstances such as environmental ventilation and fresh air volume, there may be differences in selection. Generally, every 1Kg of dehumidification capacity is applied to a space configuration of 60-120 cubic meters, which can basically meet the humidity demand of about 60%. If the environmental conditions and fresh air volume are different, it is generally suitable for a space configuration with a dehumidification capacity of 60-120 cubic meters per kilogram, which can basically meet the humidity demand of about 60%.


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