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How to choose a heated dehumidifier? Which brand is better for a heated dehumidifier?

With the continuous development of technology, the types of dehumidifiers are becoming more and more diverse. In order to meet some environmental requirements, heating dehumidifiers have been introduced. They can not only reduce indoor humidity, but also adjust temperature to maintain a comfortable and dry environment indoors.


A. Temperature and humidity display: The machine is equipped with humidity and temperature display functions, which display the current environmental temperature and humidity status.

B. Key on: The machine uses a membrane switch, with the first button indicating power on and the second button indicating power off.

C. Temperature and humidity settings: The machine is equipped with setting functions, where "+" indicates an increase in temperature and humidity settings, and "-" indicates a decrease in temperature and humidity settings.

D. Timed defrosting setting: In order to maximize the effectiveness of this device and extend its service life

E. International brand compressors, Japanese Shinei humidity sensors, industrial professional centrifugal fans

F. The humidity is precisely controlled by 1% computer.

G. High energy efficient PTC fin heating, automatically heats to achieve heating when the ambient temperature is below the required temperature.


Mainly using the refrigeration principle, the water vapor in the air condenses and precipitates when passing through the surface of the evaporator, reducing the moisture content of the air to achieve the goal of drying the ambient air.

Widely applicable to underground buildings, national defense engineering, factory workshops, enterprise warehouses, underground caverns, archives, libraries, sports halls, drug warehouses, and other places with high humidity requirements.

The main components used for product selection, such as refrigeration compressors, filters, etc., are all original imported branded products. The unit is equipped with multiple automatic protection functions.

Therefore, compared with other similar products, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, compact and lightweight structure, smooth operation, simple operation, beautiful appearance, and long service life.

In terms of after-sales service, the Anshiman brand has a complete quality management system with good product quality assurance capabilities. The products it produces have certain guarantees in terms of performance and safety.

It is worth noting that when selecting a heating dehumidifier, users must consider their own dehumidification needs, such as dehumidification capacity, required area for dehumidification, degree of openness, intensity of solar radiation, ventilation, number of personnel, and other issues.

The above is a detailed introduction about the Anshiman brand heating dehumidifier. If you want to obtain more information, please feel free to call for detailed consultation!


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