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What is a constant temperature and humidity machine in a computer room, and what are its characteristics?

What is a constant temperature and humidity machine in a computer room? What are its characteristics? What are the advantages compared to regular air conditioning? Today, Anshiman has compiled the following content to answer your questions and clarify your doubts, hoping it will be helpful to you.

In addition to adjusting the air temperature, the constant temperature and humidity machine also has functions such as humidity adjustment and dust removal. Compared with ordinary air conditioners, precision air conditioners with constant temperature and humidity require year-round operation without stopping, so their reliability is very high. There are many options for the constant temperature and humidity air supply system of the machine. The common ones are returns, returns, returns, etc. The standard temperature and humidity machine uses a medium efficiency filter to clean indoor air. According to the customer's needs, you can choose an inefficient air filter. (such as in a very clean environment, such as an operating room).


Machine room constant temperature and humidity machine

  1. The cooling capacity is usually between 10HP-200HP;
  2. The formed electric heating and humidifying electrodes usually have a rich heating amount and a small humidifying amount for the air conditioner, which must be recalculated. Usually, a model or configuration is also required;
  3. There is a nominal air volume requirement;
  4. There are requirements for classified cooling water;
  5. The resistance of a capacitor is generally 0.82-3.45 mH2O;
  6. The air conditioning unit has a small volume;
  7. Temperature control range: 18-25, sensitivity: ± 1; Humidity control range: 50~70, sensitivity: ± 5;
  8. The static pressure outside the machine is usually between 100 and 550;
  9. Design conditions: intake, dry bulb temperature 23 ° C, wet bulb temperature 17 ° C, cooling water inlet temperature 30 ° C, outlet temperature 35 ° C;

It is generally suitable for temperature and humidity control, or the entire design area is not large. If the project area is large and the system is divided into relatively scattered room air conditioners, the management and control system will be inconvenient, and it is not conducive to uniform energy distribution and more serious energy waste. In this case, the general area is greater than 2000 square meters. It is recommended to use a design form of a cooler+combined air treatment unit.


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