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How to choose a suitable industrial dehumidifier for large warehouses!

The dehumidification equipment for large warehouses is an air purification equipment that effectively controls the humidity of large warehouses. Its equipment needs to be scientifically selected, rather than simply selected based on the area of the large warehouse. Large warehouse dehumidification equipment requires non-standard customization of large dehumidifiers due to its special characteristics such as total humidity load, total cooling/heating load, or pipeline interfaces that cannot meet the requirements of ordinary standard dehumidifiers. Shimei Electric provides a comprehensive solution for non-standard large dehumidifiers.

With the development of modern transportation and technology, large-scale warehouses have become important transit spaces for logistics, and three-dimensional and high-temperature large-scale warehouses have emerged. However, items stored in large high-level three-dimensional warehouses, as well as outer packaging cartons, require a certain temperature and humidity control to be stored for a longer period of time. Otherwise, large warehouse items are prone to moisture and mold, and the outer packaging cartons are prone to moisture, softening, and even collapse. In this context and demand, Shimei Electric has timely developed large-scale warehouse dehumidifiers to effectively dehumidify large and high-level warehouses. Large scale warehouse dehumidification equipment is defined in the dehumidifier industry, referring to dehumidifiers or dehumidifiers with a dehumidification capacity of 20-50 kg/hour and a circulating air volume of 14000 m3/hour or more as large dehumidifiers.

Designed and manufactured based on large warehouses, subways, large warehouses, and other large space single dehumidification equipment; Due to the limitations of ventilation ducts and air pressure in large spaces, it is necessary to provide a single dehumidification equipment for dehumidification. Under these operating conditions, the humidity load per unit time is beyond the capacity of a conventional single dehumidifier, and a large dehumidifier is needed to intercept and dehumidify.

The control mode of dehumidification equipment in large warehouses adopts professional microcomputer control for heating and cooling dehumidifiers; Large dehumidifiers are generally controlled by high-performance programmable controllers (PLCs) and Chinese text displays, which have good reliability and high control accuracy. As long as the user sets the desired temperature and humidity control range, the unit can automatically operate in a humidity priority operating mode.

Temperature control function of dehumidification equipment in large warehouses. Both conventional dehumidifiers and large dehumidifiers come in three types: heating type, regulating type, and cooling type. Among them, heating dehumidifiers are mainly used for dehumidification without refrigeration function, so they are suitable for dehumidification places without temperature requirements; The temperature regulating dehumidifier integrates dehumidification and refrigeration functions, and its refrigeration capacity is adjustable, making it particularly suitable for dehumidification places with significant changes in heat load. The cooling and dehumidifying machine has a cooling function while dehumidifying, but the cooling capacity is not adjustable, so it is suitable for dehumidification situations with high heat load and no requirements for relative humidity.

The condensation method for large warehouse dehumidification equipment can be selected. The condenser of the large warehouse dehumidification equipment adopts two methods: air cooling and water cooling. The water-cooled large dehumidifier uses a cooling tower to condense water, or a water cooler is introduced into deep water near a reservoir to cool the refrigerant. Due to the fact that the flow of refrigerant inside the enclosed inner sleeve is opposite to the cooling water flow of the outer shell water cooler, and the specific heat of the cooling water flowing between the two concentric sleeves of the water cooler is several times higher than that of air (standard state). Therefore, water-cooled large-scale dehumidifiers have better dehumidification effects than air-cooled large-scale dehumidifiers with the same dehumidification capacity, and their energy-saving efficiency is improved by about 28%.


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